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Our History

West Portland United Methodist Church started with an Evangelical camp meeting in 1895. A little white church made its way into the hearts and souls of the rural community of West Portland.  An active group led by Mr. George Stroup wanted a church of its own.  At this time an old church building belonging to Ladd's Addition Evangelical Church was made available and the building and its contents were purchased for $100. 


The church was carefully dismantled and ferried across the Williamette River.  Mr Stroup hauled the material by mule team and wagon up Taylor's Ferry Road to a site donated by Mr & Mrs T. M. Wood.  In 1910 the Evangelical Church was established at 9533 SW 46th Ave. 


In 1942 land at SW 48th and SW Taylor's Ferry was purchased.  In 1945 the Evangelical and United Brethren Churches merged.  In 1952 the new church construction started.  In 1955 services started at our current location.   In 1966 a new sanctuary was dedicated.  In 1968 the Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist Churches merged.  In 1980 adjoining property was purchased for future development. The bell from the little old church graces our courtyard and reminds us of our heritage. The visionaries have shown us that if we dare to dream and keep our faith, we can accomplish the seemingly impossible. 


We are a body of believers committed to worshiping and serving Jesus Christ. Christ reached out to people of all ages and at West Portland we desire to do the same thing. We sponsor the "West Portland Community Garden" and actively support the "Produce for People" Program.


We want you to be a part of God’s blessing in the life of our church. Our primary purpose is to be a family of witnesses sharing the transforming love of Jesus Christ through ministry to families and individuals in our community.

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